Airtel has finally left the archaic ways of offering crap data for money. I mean all that 200mb for N1000 and 500mb for 1500 has become a thing of the past. In this post, we present to you the top data plans you will need for that data guzzling android device of yours this month.  These data plans are working right now! Check them out and share with your friends after reading.

Before we continue… Have you heard of airtel’s 2GB plan for N200? It works only on 2G networks click here to learn how to use it on 3G.

1. 30mb for N100(daily)
           This may seem not to be of significant value, after all what’s 30mb on android, but then its an impressive increase on the former 10mb for N100 plan. This plan is valid for just 24hours. To opt in, dial *410# on your device.

2. 50mb for N300
      For N300 you can buy 50mb to browse the internet and the plan is valid for 3days(72 hours). Dial *412# to opt in.

3. 5 star pack, 25mb for N100(5mb daily).
     If all you do on the internet is read daily news, check your mail, view your Facebook notifications and check football scores, then you got to check this. For N100 you are subscribed for a daily data allowance of 5mb for 5 days. After 5 days you would have enjoyed 25mb of data. Dial *401# to get started.

4. Weekly plan; 750mb for N500

      This is airtel’s two weeks plan, and it is the only valuable weekly plan worthy of note. Dial *418# to get started.

5.  1.5GB for N1000(monthly)
      This is the most popular plan among all, and it works not only on android but on any other device. You get to buy 1.5GB data for N1000 and the data has a validity of 30 days. To subscribe, dial *496# now.

6. 3.5GB for N2000(monthly)
    This is an awesome package for heavy users of data. Users who can’t do without streaming videos and downloading all sorts of files. This data plan has a validity of 30 days. But it

is twice the value of the previous plan + 500mb at twice the price. Dial *437# to opt in.

7. 5GB for N2,500(monthly)
      Add N500 to the previous plan and you can get and  extra 1.5GB to the whole package. This should take you through a month.

8. GB for N3,500(monthly)
      Do you want a budget plan that can get you to stream YouTube videos and Netflix channels, this plan is awesome for you. Add N1k to the previous plan and you have an extra 2GB. Dial *438# to opt in.

9. 12 GB for N5000(monthly)
      This plan may not be of much relevance to you, well except you are a blogger or some entrepreneur who owns an apartment on the internet😀😂. Dial *452# to opt in.

10. 24GB for N8000(monthly)
   This plan just as the previous one is valid for 30 solid days. Carry go! Dial *460# if you need it.

Airtel opera bundle; 250mb for N300. This subscription works only on any opera browser and is valid for 30 days. It is best combined with a social media plan. 250mb may not be an impressive figure, but for a browser that compresses 2GB down to 200mb. Its pretty impressive. Dial *885*1#.

     Hey! Try out this data plans, and if they work come back and share your comments. How good is airtel network in your location?

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