MTN “who called” feature is a feature that all MTN subscribers have access to but many don’t know about it. That’s why I’m taking this post to tell you about it. Please share and like it if you found this post helpful.👍

MTN “who called”

MTN “who called” feature is an opt-inservice that let’s you keep track of the calls you missed when your mobile phone was off or not reachable. MTN sends you an SMS missed call alert once your phone is reachable, telling you all the numbers that tried to call you. Cool uh? The service is totally free and even goes ahead to give you details of each call including the number of missed calls from a particular number, the date and time of the call.


MTN notify me is another feature that alerts you by SMS once a number you dialed but could not reach becomes available. With MTN notify me SMS you can keep track of numbers you have called at one time but could not reach. Just like “who called” the service is absolutely free.
Yello! +23480xxxxxx is now available, you may dial it now.
Subscribing to the two services is also free.

To activate MTN who called and SMS notify me services send SET 01 as an SMS to 100. You should receive a message telling you that the activation for both services was successful.

To activate MTN Notify me alone, send SET 02 as an SMS to 100. You should receive a message telling you that the activation was successful.

How do I know if the service has been activated on my phone and how do I cancel it?

To know if you already have the service, send STATUS to 100, to cancel the service send DELETE to 100.

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