Andrakk Rechargeable Fan, Review, price, types.

As a Nigerian, how many times have you been forced to stay restless throughout a very hot night, with your bedsheets soaked in sweat and mosquitoes singing poems into your ears? Remember how you cursed, pleaded with, implored and begged NEPA to restore power, so you can atleast use your fan. This post is a brief, review on a major brand of battery powered fans- Andrakk Rechargeable Fan.  The product has different types, but this review is centered on the best , Andrakk 18″ rechargeable Fan. 

Andrakk 18″  Rechargeable Fan Review

The Andrakk 18” Rechargeable Standing Fan with USB Port ADK8518 comes with three powerful blades that rotate at full speed to provide cool and refreshing air even during the hottest weather conditions. It has a 12V 7Ah rechargeable battery that guarantees long hours of full speed function after power outage.

When there is power flowing through the grid, it can operate as a regular electric fan while silently charging its battery. Once there is a power cut, it switches automatically and immediately  to its battery. The andraak rechargeable fan (this particular model) has a few added features like 6pcs LED night lamp that could illuminate room at night . The lamp comes in handy if you need to navigate around your room in the dark. It also comes with a remote control that gives you full control of its functions, which means you can switch off, switch on and regulate the fan right from your bed. Some Andrakk fans come with 4 pc LED lamps, others come with 6pc LED lamps.

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Design and structure

The fan comes in a sleek and elegant design produced with materials that make it environment‎‐friendly‎.‎ It is easy to operate‎,‎ and comes with 12V 4.5Ah lead‎‐acid battery‎,‎ 18‎’‎ inch , tri-bladed standing fan with 4pcs LED night light‎,‎ overcharge and over‎‐ discharge protection‎,‎ red/ green indicator‎.‎ AC/DC operated‎.‎ Replaceable batteries and standard 3 pin plugs‎.‎

With the newly introduced Andrakk 18″ rechargeable fan, when the weather gets too hot and the ordinary fan begins to emit hot air. The Andrakk 18″ Rechargeable Fan provides an air cooling effect through its automatic cooling atomization function. The atomizer sprays tiny droplets of air which are dispersed by the powerful blades, these tiny droplets of air ensure your skin remains cool even in extremely hot weather.

This rechargeable standing fan can be adjusted to different height levels. It can be used both indoor and outdoor as the need arises. It can be used in homes, offices, hotels, hostels and a host of other places.

If you’re interested in getting a battery powered fan, then go for Andrakk’s products. They are affordable, powerful less noisy.

Key Features(Andrakk 18″ fan).

18′ standing fan with 2X6V7AH (12V 7Ah) Rechargeable battery

Height Adjustible

Turbo Speed

6pcs LED night light

3speed control (low, medium & High)

Remote control

Replaceable batteries and standard 3 pin plugs

Free USB Cord(for charging the fan)

Tri-bladed(three blades).

Availability and Pricing

You can check rechargeable fans from Andrakk including the 18″ rechargeable fan with atomizer here. Prices range from N20,000- N35,000.

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