Pimples/acne are caused by a lot of things. Including:

  • Hair follicle blocked with dirt
  • Excess oil production
  • Access hormonal activity(Androgen)
  • Stress
  • Excess contact with oil and greasy surfaces
  • Genetic factors

Truth is, not less than six out of ten people battle with pimples. And not less than eighty percent of teens have the same problem. Acne most times is ignited by the hormone Androgen which is usually spiked up during teenage years. Apart from this, there other things that could cause a pimple explosion out of nowhere. And there are things, contrary to what every thinks, that won’t. But how do you deal with pimples?

Do you know? There are over 1.5 million reported cases of acne yearly in Nigeria. 


Understand you look good without them

Don’t focus too much on the blemishes and spots, concentrate of the clear and nice looking areas. Accept the pimples, don’t stress yourself fighting them.

Make efforts to hide them when you can

For most ladies, this is a no-brainer. Make-up comes to the rescue very easily. If you feel your pimples will make you very uncomfortable in public, conceal them with a very light layer of appropriate makeup. Don’t smear thick makeup all over your skin, you could be doing more bad than good. And don’t use dried makeup, they could move into your skin pores and block them. And most importantly, apply the right blend of colors, it will be better if you went all natural than blazing in a blur of rioting colors.

Accept that makeup won’t hide everything

Just accept accept it, makeup will not hide all your pimples, and it really looks bad when you see someone who tried to force all pimples under a layer of makeup. It’s like swollen paint on a wall about to fall off.

Avoid attracting attention to the areas under serious attack. 

This is important, if you know you have some spots of pimple around you lips or nose, avoid using lipsticks that call for attention to that region.

Now how do you control or prevent an explosion?

Take a chill, calm down

Stress could actually cause pimples. Yes stress and subjecting yourself to anxious thoughts. Calm down, take a chill for some time and watch the effect as your facial muscles tend to relax more often and your skin pores open up to breathe more often too.

Wash your face

Apart from stress, pimples could be caused by dirt blocking your pores. The dirt expands your pores, causes inflammation, dries up, and it is covered up by a layer of dead cells. That’s one pimple. Washing your face at lease once a day or a couple of times will ensure your face is clean. Don’t Sponge your face, or use a rough cloth this could do more harm than good. And don’t wash your face multiple times a day, it causes dry skin that could crack and itch seriously. Now that is worse. Use mild soft soap and warm water with a soft, clean, face towel. Or your hands.

Diet, diet, diet. Feed your skin

You may not know, but certain things you eat or don’t eat could be the reason why you have as many pimples as you have. Forget that stuff about junk food and greasy food causing acne(the effect is very little on nothing), but a nice vegetable diet will go a long way to give you a healthy skin with less dried, dead cells.

Note: Greasy or oily foods don’t cause acne. But eating chocolate has been known to increase pimples especially in teenagers.

Get an over the counter solution

One serious mistake people make is to think that pimples will leave on their own. Well, in very few cases. If it’s stress induced, maybe. But if it’s caused by bacteria or dirt. No it won’t or maybe… after several years. You need to clear the bacteria. Get an antibiotic cream or soap, a nice one that wouldn’t cause more problems. Use the product according to instructions and wait to see if the situation becomes better. If it changes for the worse, quit and allow your skin to recover. Before trying another. Don’t buy these products with advice from a qualified person or someone close to your who can truly testify of the positive effects.

Meet your doctor

Some acne cases could be very serious. Don’t go about from counter to counter buying cream, lotion and anything that has anti-acne in it. First meet a doctor and find out if you’re reacting to something. Allow the doctor take a good look at your condition and make prescriptions.

Avoid greasy places

An oily diet may not cause pimples, but oil entering your skin from external sources will. This is important for ladies who rub all the oil in their hair into their pillow and the proceed to transfer the oil to their face while sleeping. Remember? Find a way to stop it. That pillow could be a major culprit.

Genetic factors

This is where nature creeps in. You can’t fight it. No you can’t, you might be able to control it, but if it’s in the gene, trying extreme measures to eliminate it could really be bad.

Stop touching them

Some people think squeezing pimples will open them up and maybe remove the pus and dirt. This is bad, it could worsen the inflammation, make the pimple bigger and long lasting. Leave them alone, just wash your face and get an medical solution.


Acne is still somewhat a mystery. But these causes mentioned are very minor. The real causes of acne are heredity (genetic factors) and hormones. A lot of people, especially teens, are unaware, yet they daily trumatize their skin with all sorts of measures, thinking their skin can never be clean or stuff.  Some abstain from oils and cream and go deep into powder. Acne, doesn’t make you look horrible, you can’t force it away completely but you might be able to control. So your target should be gaining some control as preventing an explosion, not eliminating them. And remember, years from now you’ll wonder where all those pimples went to.


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