In some social circles, the word ‘bleaching’ is abominable and people who use bleaching cream generally do not get the good eye. But bleaching isn’t that bad though, I mean everything that has a pain should have a gain right? Sure, bleaching cream could mess your skin up but that is when you are regularly using it. So what if bleaching cream isn’t all that bad? What good could it do to your skin?

Lightens your skin color

Generally no one likes to have unevenly colored skin, and very few people I’ve met are comfortable with dark spots on their skin. But a little use of bleaching lotion could clear off their worries fast. Bleaching works by cutting down on the amount of the skin coloring pighment(melanin)  you skin produces. A moderate application of bleaching lotion could brighten up your skin..

Clears off dark spots

Dermatologists sometimes prescribe bleaching as the only way to remove severe skin problems, including post inflammatory decoloration. Bleaching originally isn’t made to ‘whiten’ your skin, but just to make it lighter and curb the excesses of melanin.

Glows the skin

Even a kid knows this. Bleaching the skin gives it a lighter glowing look. And it makes it very attractive too. In fact the quality of a carefully bleached skin is better than that of naturally light skin.

Hides scars

Scars are caused when the body tries to replace tissues that have been seriously damaged of cells that have been killed off with new tissues and cells. Sometimes these tissues are not the same as the previous once in texture and color. Bleaching cream could go a long way to hide the presence of very noticeable scars.

Best remedy for scaly skin 

If you really want a fast remedy for scaly skin, try a good bleaching cream with exfoliants. Exfoliants ‘pull off’ dead cells from the skin making the skin look smother and neater.

Facial hair remedy

If you are bothered about your facial hair not being the same color as your skin color, then try the fastest remedy- quick bleaching. Bleaching changes the color of your facial hair blending it with your facial complexion. This is useful for ladies struggling with facial hair on their four head or upper lips.

Disclaimer: Please I won’t be responsible for what happens to you when you bleach irresponsibly. Read the disclaimer of this blog. 

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image source: thedermatologygroup.com

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