Recently I noticed a massive increase in the number of cockroaches and ants crawling around my home. It started little by little, an then they increased until they became a collective nuisance. I had no other option than to treat my whole house with insecticide.

And so, I walked into a mall one day and randomly picked one and it was BNC. I tried it, and the results were just amazing. BNC insecticide kills those noisy, irksome, tiny creatures very quickly leaving you to enjoy your environment in peace.

BNC is well formulated to kill all sorts of crawling and flying things without break. It also provides long-lasting and powerful protection against insects, particularly the harmful ones. Thanks to advanced innovation, the smell of the insecticide isn’t so harsh. However it’s always good to stay out of it’s way, once you’ve sprayed it.

To Use BNC

Shake well before using. And ensure you move humans and pets away from the room. For maximum effect, I usually shut all doors and windows to trap the insects in and kill them all.

Avoid skin contact by all means and don’t spray near humans too.

BNC is manufactured in China but distributed by Golden Shine company in Nigeria. It is quite cheap. For about N1000 or so you can get the 600ml pack. It is packed in a long, metallic, cylindrical, aerosol can, usually with a white, plastic cap. Avoid contact with flames, fire or hot objects.

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