“A Brut  man defines  his  own  sense  of  style  —  he  doesn’t  adhere  to  the  latest  trends  but  keeps a  classic  style  that  always  appears  effortless.”😉

Now let’s assume you’re a sales rep. Moving in and out of  the terrible summer sun, but spending most of your time under the harsh heat, what choice of deodorant should fight of body odours all through the hours you will be spending at work?

Human being has the tendency to emit some odours , especially after sweating, and this is why you need a powerful deodorant to keep your aura clean and fresh,even after the most intensive exercise. Well a lot of deodorants and colognes out there claim to fight of body odours for hours, but none is as good as Brut sports style for men.

Brute sports style is a relatively new addition to the Brut brand of colognes and deodorants. Just as the name suggests, Brut sports style for men is a very powerful deodorant for men who engage in physically intensive activities that make them sweat. It is a deodorant that gives a ‘masculine’ but great fragrance even after a heavy workout. If you are looking for a cologne that will give you a nice fragrance pre and post a serious workout then this product is the right choice.

Brut sports style is essential a body spray, and comes in a 200ml aluminum aerosol can with a spray nozzle and a plastic cap that screws into the shoulder of the can.


Brut sports style combines long lasting protection and confidence with very powerful fragrance.   The  classic  yet  distinctive  fragrance  has  citrus  top  notes  and  bergamot,  lemon,  grapefruit and  mandarin,  rounded  off   with  sandalwood  and  cedarwood. With  a  renewed  sense  of  vigour  and  a  range  of  fragrances  that  are  bold,  confident  and every-inch  right  for  today’s  modern  man.

Brut sports style deodorant product range

  • Sports style 200ml
  • Original 200ml
  • Musk 200ml
  • Attraction total 200ml

Brut sports style for men is a cool deodorant that is sure to provide a classy, long-lasting fragrance and keep away body odours for about 48 hours. It is also available in provision stores and supermarkets in Nigeria,  at a highly affordable starting price(I got one for N600 recently). With Brut, you don’t have any excuse for not having that ‘divine’ aura around you. 

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