Late in September to mark Nigeria’s independence, Africa’s mega e-commerce giant- Jumia, launched a platform where made in Nigeria products can be sold. This of course was(and still is) a welcome idea, considering how expensive foreign imported products are. The development will sure aid the economy and reduce the intense foreign exchange pressure on the naira.

Jumia local, is just like the main jumia store, the difference here is that products available are mainly made in Nigeria products which are more affordable. Clothes and fashion accessories from indigenous manufacturers are available. For now the number of locally made products on the platform is very few and restricted mainly to fashion and consumables. Well we don’t produce much stuff in Nigeria😁.

Why buy made in Nigeria

Well, every good Nigerian citizen should be interested in buying more made in Nigeria products. It helps the naira, helps our local entrepreneurs, increases patronage, production and job vacancies in our local industries.

What more, local products are cheaper than the foreign products that are controlled by the exchange rates. So if you want to shop for some good Nigerian made stuff, especially fashion accessories, look not beyond JUMIA LOCAL. And also watch put for the ‘Jumia Local‘ badge, a badge that tells you if a product is Nigerian made or not. All locally made products are properly graded and certified by the Jumia team, so you shouldn’t bother so much about buying fake products. The manufacturers have also been certified to be good in their line.

Use the filter option to filter products search resultsand get your preferred products list.

Social responsibility

Jumia is calling this a social responsibility initiative that’s aimed at growing the local economy. According to Bili Sule, Head of Business Development, Jumia Nigeria, “To build a sustainable and healthy ecosystem for Nigeria, we need to focus on products made in Nigeria. The change starts with each and everyone of us and Jumia will lead the way by taking the responsibility to promote our own Nation’s products.”

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