The right buying guide for hair clippers!

Professional barbers, newbies and even amateurs have their own preferences when it comes to picking a hair clipper. There are so many brands and types of hair clippers, performing at a high level and belonging to various grades and prices. The professional barber at their barbershop down the street has clippers specially suited for his cutting needs.

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So let’s say… You intend to buy your own clipper set. This as you well know is strongly advisable, sharing clippers with hundreds of people you don’t know at the barbershop isn’t the best option. So you’re trying to play safe by getting yours, but you don’t want to make any annoying mistakes. This guide contains some useful info,please feel free to leave a comment or two at the end of your reading!

Let’s go ahead to the list of consideration…

1. First know what you want, and what a clipper really is.

     A clipper is different from a shaver and different from a trimmer. The three are used for removing hair, but the clipper removes larger chunks of hair. A good clipper should do light work of rough, tangled and thick hair. Trimmers and shavers are used on beards and hair closer to the skin. Be sure to find out the sort of “hair remover” you’re buying.

2. Motor power

         For hair clippers, they power of the motor is everything. The motor drives the blades of the clipper, and it is not powerful enough, you could have issues. There different types of motors found clippers, AC motors, DC motors, rotary, pivot, magnetic motors.

AC motors: Powered by alternating current. This type is found in most cord clippers that are plugged to a wall socket.

DC motor: powered by direct current obtained from batteries. This type of motor is found in cordless clippers that are powered by batteries.

Magnetic motor: most cheap semiprofessional clippers use this type of motor. It is not that powerful and is better for soft, low hair. It is very noisy as the blades spin fast,but lacks much power. The downside is that it generates a lot of heat and can can spin out of control(in some really unprofessional clippers).

Pivotal motor: The blades are slower but more powerful. This type of clipper is good for strong, tangled hair. It’s blades don’t spin fast so it is not so noisy.

Rotary motor: This is more powerful than the previous two. Good for wet, tangled, woolly and large hair.

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3. Attachmnents

        Most hair clippers come with a variety of attachments/combs, ranging from different sizes(from 1/16 inch to 1inch). These attachments determine how high or short your hair will be after cutting. Each hairstyle has its particular comb needed to fix it up. So you might as well consider all the attachmenta available in the clipper box without buying.

4. Blades

      Clipper blades range from 0.2mm- about 13mm, depending on the type. Some blades are made of high carbon steel and designed to be self sharpening, others are designed for durability. You need to seek out these blades when buying a good clipper.

5. Design

       How comfortable does it feel in my hand, and how long can it last. Some clippers come with an all aluminum casing, others come with a hard plastic casing. Heavy clippers will surely weigh down on the wrist of a professional barber who cuts hair all day. Good clippers should be light and should be made from durable material that wouldnt shatter if the whole weight drops to the floor.

6. Ease of maintenance

         Good clipper sets come with some maintenance tools, like brushes, lubricant, screwdrivers, look out for these. You will surely need them to maintain yoir clipper.

Other things one should consider when buying a clipper are:

  • Noise factor
  • Heat generation
  • Power consumption
  • Length of cord
  • Code insulation and thickness

Good clippers should come with a complete maintenance set.

7. Price and brands

          The type of clipper you will get depends on the price and your purchasing power. Clippers have a wide price range, and although all clippers do the same thing- shave off hair, all clippers don’t cost the same some brands are more expensive. A very popular clipper brands in Nigeria are chaoba professional hair clipper. And  Philips.
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