From Phones as thick as Nokia N-series and Sagem to Phones as slim as X2.5 the thickness of credit cards, much more powerful and much lighter. Yet, you’ll still find some people bickering about smartphone camera bumps. Before you ask, a  camera bump is that feature of some smartphone’s that pushes out the camera of your phone.

It’s normal for us to expect more from our manufacturers. But when we requested for smartphones as thing as paper, we probably forgot that manufacturers have gone beyond the limit squeezing in all the features of a great digital camera into those slim machines we call phones. And they are still ready to go further.

With simple common sense we will understand that the lens of the camera is an integral part of every camera module and manufacturers haven’t been able to solve the problem of squeezing in the lens into an ultra thin device without the bump. Not just the lens, the sensor and the image stabilizer(the part that removes blurs).

Even phones you claim that do not have that camera bump, a lot of them have a curved back that actually encloses the lens arrangement perfectly.

But come to think of it, even regular cameras have potruding lenses, some actually come with detachable lenses that have to be reattached as soon as you think of taking a photo. Yet we are fine with them, so why not just be okay with that small bump. I haven’t seen someone who can’t fit in his phone into his denim because the bump was too big.


Yeah… It is just a matter of time before manufacturers figure out a solution to flatten that bump once and for all. So patience, already there is a device that can actually replicate the effect of a lens by applying some computational wizadry. We are expecting that to go commercial very soon. Let’s remove that bump.


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