Eva Soap , a specially crafted beauty and skin care product from the stables of Evans industries has been created to take care of your skin, regardless of your complexion or skin type. The product was launched in 2012 to fill in the gap created by the ban on soap importation into Nigeria. Eva soap has continued to gain traction as the best, most economical and cheapest skin care soap.

       Eva soap comes in six varients all designed to suit the needs of different individuals: Eva Gold, Eva Pearl, Eva Ivory, Eva Herbal, Eva Classic and Eva Forever. These six variants of Eva complexion care soap, combine a silky smooth touch with a scent that leaves you confident after a bath.

Eva Classic
Eva classic has a fine blend of ingredients plus a rich dose of vitamins E extract, the blend promises the user a young and fresh looking skin while protecting it from damages and helping it heal faster. It can also go a long way to remove scars.

Eva  Gold
Eva Gold contains silk protein and works as a soft acting skin conditioner, it also maintains the moisture level of the skin and seals up cracks.

Eva Ivory

Eva classic contains vitamins E and honey blended with milk. It maintains skin elasticity and prevents shrinking and also cleans off dark skin spots.

Eva Herbal

Eva herbal complexion care has aloe vera extract as a main ingredient. It promises to reduce skin irritation and remove pimples.

Eva Pearl

Eva pearl contains a blend of sea minerals that protect the skin from germ infiltration, reduces skin irritation and removes ugly wrinkles and cracks.

Eva Forever
Forever contains almond extracts for maximum skim protection from germs and and dryness.

   Eva soap is a cheap and very economical skin care soap. It is soft acting and doesn’t irritate the skin. It also has an incredibly powerful scent and lathers excellently. Eva soap variants are readily available around Nigeria, in shops and supermarkets. A bar should go for between N150 and N180 now.

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