Caro white lotion, 400ml pack

Caro white beauty lotion is one of the many skin lightening beauty cream brands out there. Most of which claim to lighten dark skin and remove ‘dark spots’ or ‘patches’ without side effect. Most of these brands actually use very dangerous substances in production that could cause more harm than good. These products are popularly known in Nigeria as ‘bleaching cream’ and are very popularly in Nigeria due to the predominant negro skin of the Nigerian.

Caro white is used by people who hope to add a lighter tone to their skin, for whatsoever reason. Caro white is produced by a company based in Cote d’Ivoire, Dream Cosmetics, but unfortunately, not much is known about the company, and the website doesn’t contain useful content about the product or manufacturers.

Caro white skin lotion is supposedly described as soft and smooth. This should imply that the cream would be suitable for softening and moisturizing tough and dry skin. Recently, I had the opportunity of testing the product on my skin a couple of times, I tried it on my face and other parts, my skins didn’t react negatively. So I supposed it is safe to say that the cream could be used for sensitive and exposed areas of the skin, including the face. But no one can really guarantee how much longer one would apply the product on  the skin for the negative effects to emerge. So it is best to be careful when using this product on your skin. I can also assume that the cream could be used under make up, without problems.

Hydroquinone, Stearic acid, B-Carotene, Vitamin A, E, Carrot oil, Cetearyl Alcohol

             One ingredient that stands from the list is Hydroquinone. This is a skim lightening agent that could also be purchased on its own for the purpose of lightening the skin. But its usage is surrounded with controversy and is better used with caution and under medical supervision. Not much is known about the chemical formular of the cream as there is no official website. The Vitamins A, E and B-Carotene are skin moisturizers.

This product is a skin lighteming product thay induces hyper pigmentation, it may not be advisable to use it on sensitive and certain allergic skin types.

Bottom Line

This product should be used with caution, except for the quantity of hydroquinone which is stated on the pack disclosed, not much about this product is available. This product also has the potential to damage the skin, and the manufacturers should find a way to be the details of this product across to the users. I advice that anyone who has interest in iainf this cream should first test on small area of the skin and take note of any changes or occurring rash or itching, before applying on other parts.

Caro white lightening cream isn’t a powerful bleaching cream, an is more effective when the already has a high tone or pigmentation. Very dark skin may likely not be affected by the cream.

The cream is widely available in cosmetic shops and is sold at an affordable price. Price should range between N600-800.

Have you used this product? Please share your experience and suggestions!

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