Chris Adams Active man is one of my favorite collections of body spray and colognes. It has a gorgeous and amazing scent that ensures you carry a sexy, soft Aura around you while it lasts.

Buy Chris Adams Active Man on Jumia

Buy Chris Adams Active Woman on Jumia

                Active Man——————–Active Woman

Chris Adams body spray is cool for people who don’t want something that is too strong, but still need a dash of some soft scent to add to their day. Just like most body spray, Active Man body spray doesn’t really last as much as the cologne but is strong enough to take you through a few hours. If you’re the sweaty type, better go for the cologne, it guarantees a whole night of confidence and power.

                                  Active Man

One of the reasons why I love Active Man body spray is that it doesn’t really choke or irritate people around you, yet, it’s effect is profound once you step into any place. It’s quite strong, but not too strong.

It’s also very affordable and readily available. The original Chris Adams Active Man/Active Woman 200ml body spray is a very powerful anti-perspirant and deodorant. It can efficiently replace your deodorants and also holds down on sweat and sweaty odors for several hours. But it is never the best idea to replace a solid deodorant, anti-perspirant or roll-on with a body spray.

All the same, guys going to the gym who just want to stay fresh and keep sweat odors at arm’s length can use Active Man as a deodorant and anti-perspirant. But don’t expect to have the fragrance stick with you all night long.

                     Active woman cologne

There is also a variety for women called Active Woman. Active Woman has a softer, slightly wild and ghostly scent that can leave you people around you in a dream state.

Active Man body spray and colognes are available at most supermarkets and mini-marts around Nigeria. You can also buy the Chris Adams collections online on jumia. The colognes cost between N2,500 – N3000, while the 200ml body spray cost between N1000- N1200.


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