We all know how frustrating  it can be when your access to the Internet  is limited or not there at all. For some people,  its annoying,  for others its irritating,  for me,  I feel disgusted with everything.

Anyway,  all these problems could be zooming away into the past with the introduction of virtual sim technology  from Nigeria data services company: CloudCover.

CloudCover is a pioneer in data services and was established in 2016. The CloudCover CC1 4G LTE MiFi is a powerful router that uses sim technology to give you seamless Internet connection across seven (7) networks in Nigeria.  The goal is to ensure that you’re  never offline as a result of poor network.  Its virtual  sim technology makes it dynamic,  switching constantly from less stronger network connections to stronger ones with larger bandwidth.

This means,  you don’t have to accumulate an ashtray of sim cards from different networks just to maintain a constant access/connectivity .  You also don’t need to own a modem cracked for all network sims and you don’t need to own a plethora of MiFi devices.

The device also comes with a 6000mAh battery which should guarantee about 8 straight hours of connection.  The huge battery also enables the device to serve as your phone’s powerbank.

How it looks:

Almost as thick as your average MiFi device (slightly thicker and heavier),  the CC1 comes with a touch screen and a light OS that gives access to options.  You have the option of selecting and using a preferred sim of a preferred network instead of the virtual sim. Your data balance always displays on the screen,  this enables you track your balance in real time.


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These services are not only available in Nigeria.  Yes,  you can also use your own data outside Nigeria. The service is available in about 100 countries.  Except that in some countries you may not be allowed access to the local data plans,  you will need to buy international  plans.

Pros of the CC1 MiF

  • You are sure of connectivity wherever you are
  • There’s no need to carry multiple Internet/Mi-Fi devices around, whether within or outside the country — it’s available in over 100 countries across all the continents
  • It can connect about 5 Internet devices at a time — Very good for a family traveling with just one device.
  • You can also use a local SIM with the device
  • Long lasting battery life.  Stay connected until you’re done!


  •  Data plans only work in supported countries.  For other countries you will need to get an international data plan,  or be charged at a different rate. This isn’t much of a problem,  it supports about 100 countries. Travel the world with your own Internet in your bag.
  • It is limited to the strength of the network(s)  that are available in a particular area.

For supported countries,  CloudCover partners with service providers in countries like US,  Canada,  UK,  Dubai,  and the bus of Europe to let you browse these at local rates whenever you visit.

Visit www. cloudcover.ng for more info about the service and how to get your own MiFi.

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