This is to all our active and passive readers. Kongonut has finally opened a portal for you to submit your write ups, reviews and posts to us for a small fee. At the same time we are also opening our blog to guest posts and any form of suggestions you would have. 

What kind of posts can you submit?

Kongonut concentrates on products reviews, reviews on services and news on both products and services available in Nigeria. All we do on kongonut is comparing products, finding out core details of a products and hosting our readers about brands. The platform is also updated with Joblists/Job vacancies, white collar jobs and blue collar jobs.

For now, kongonut is accepting products and brand reviews from the following categories:

1. Tech gadgets

2. Health care

3. Skin care and hygiene products

4. Fashion products

5. Food (any kind of branded food). 

6. Automobile

7. Home/domestic Chemicals

Posts on Services should fall in any of the following categories…

1. Insurance

2. Travel and tourism

3. Taxi rides

4. Flight services

5. Online retailers

6. Hospitality


We don’t just want to use your creativity for free! We will pay! You can make as much as N1000 airtime for every 5 reviews. And guess… You don’t have to write five reviews to get N1000. Submit as you write and you will get paid in airtime value (any network) immediately your post has been approved to appear on the blog. Once your post is approved, we’ll notify you by email and a phone call or a text.

As part of our reward, you are also allowed to attach links to your social network accounts. You MUST attach a link to AT LEAST one social media account. You’re allowed to attach maximum of three.

How to write?

We don’t have standards on what you should write and how. We just believe in your creativity. We’ll need you to potray interesting accounts of the particular product or service. And most importantly we need you to be frank. Try discussing the pros and con’s of the products. Tell us about the positive and negative sides. And don’t be scared of being frank and blunt. We love frank writers!

If you’re comparing two products or services, please don’t fail to tell us about the positive and negative side effects of both. And please add words describing in brief your experience with the product,brand or service. We also love images. But we love unique images more. We will not accept copyrighted images taken from the web.

Videos and photos

If you’re a vlogger, you’re welcome! Vloggers do with their camera phones and video what writers do with words. Your videos should be clear and should potray the product being reviews clearly. We also accept photo-posts. For example did you buy a packet of indomie to find no spice inside… You could convert your experience to a post, by uploading photos of the product and adding a few words about how you feel.

For Photo-posts we pay N1000 for 10 posts(payment in airtime).

For each video approved, we will pay N500 in airtime.

So what are you waiting for? Start sending your posts to us here:

OR send inbox us on Facebook

Please don’t forget to attach the following to your post:

1. A professional looking potrait

2. Links to your social media accounts ( at least one, maximum of three).

3. Your email(compulsory if you’re sending through Facebook).

4. Your phone number.

5. Full name

6. A brief bio about yourself (not more than 5 lines).


You will support us best by showcasing your article to your friends on social media when it has been posted. We believe you’re proud of your creativity enough to show your friends and family your work.

Send in your posts now and start earning!

OR send inbox us on Facebook

Greetings – Ebube Emeka(Admin)

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