While looking through playstore,  I discovered  that about 6/10 apps received negative reviews as a result of intrusive ad settings by developers.  Well,  what if you have an application,  you love that application/game so much,  but you just hate the way it flashes annoying ads at you.   Switching of your mobile data (or in some case my irritation might make me put my  phone in flight mode)  might solve the problem temporarily,  but what if you get to the part where you would play the game online?  This is beside the fact that you wouldn’t  be receiving any notifications and updates from apps that need your data services on due this period.

Anyway,  you can actually block those ads.  Google says its illegal,  but its your phone right?  You downloaded the app right?  Then I think the decision  remains yours.


Name Lucky Patcher
Latest Version 7.2.1
Latest Released 30 March, 2018
Size 5.36 MB
Developer Chelpus
Official Site
Total Downloads 500 million+
Rating 4.7/5
Requirement Android 2.3+

Lucky Patcher for android is an Android app that helps you modify apps and games,  to remove ads,  eliminate in-app purchases,  give you access to the ad-free premium features of your apps and also give you unlimited coins,  gems,  medals,  etc in your games. With lucky patcher,  you don’t need a PC to crack or modify an android game.

So how do you get this lucky patcher?

First,  the app isn’t  available on playstore, which is very much expected as Google doesn’t legalize  much of the stuff you can do with the app.

You’ll need to download the app from an external source.  But first,  make sure you have set your device to allow installation of apps from others sources. Click this link to download lucky patcher 7.2.1 for android. Lucky patcher can be installed on both rooted and non-rooted devices.  But to access all the features of the app (like uninstalling system apps)  you will need to root your device. If your device  is rooted,  you should grant root access to lucky patcher.


To use lucky patcher on a non-rooted device,  you will need to uninstall the app first and install a patched apk version of the same app.

To create a patched/modified apk of an app:

  • Open lucky patcher,  it should show you all the apps in your device,  and it should also show you which apps can be patched and if a custom patch is available.
  • Tap on an app to open the list of custom patches for that app.  If there is none then select the option: “Apk rebuilt for inApp and LVL emulation”.
  • In the next page,  select all the options,  the options on this page will create a patch that will redirect all ‘billing’ activity to lucky patcher.
  • Click on “Rebuild The App“.
  • When lucky patcher is done with the prices,  it should show you “Pattern success! “.
  • Click on “Go To File“.
  • It should take you to the patched version of the apk file.
  • Click on “uninstall and  install“.
  • It will uninstall the current app(the unpatched one and then go ahead to install the patched  version).

With lucky patcher you can do a lot of things including:

  • Uninstall system apps
  • Convert any app to a system app or a system app to a third-party app.
  • Backup your apps and files easily and save them in your PC or phone.
  • Clone apps(you can have two separate installations of an app on the same device)
  • Remove ads from applications.
  • Modify/hack/crack your games to get unlimited coins,  gems,  points,  etc without spending a dime.
  • Get free inApp purchases.


Lucky patcher violates Google standards of service and billing system and is seen as a virus by Google.

Be sure you download an updated version of the app from verified links,  so you don’t download and install malware.

Make sure you keep lucky patcher installed on your device if you modified any apps.  Otherwise the modified apps will cease to be available.

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