Baygon insecticide is about the most expensive insect and pest
killer in the Nigerian market and is manufactured by Johnson Wax
Nigeria Ltd(a branch of S.C Johnson & Son). Baygon factory in Nigeria
is located in Isolo industrial estate in Lagos.

Baygon insecticide is essentially a powerful oil based aerosol
spray liquid with an overpowering smell. In Nigeria, it is package in
a largely green bottle with a white screw-on cap. Their are many sizes
of Baygon available but the most popular in Nigeria are the 300ml and
Active ingredients in the Baygon insect killer are Pyrethroids,
Cyfluthrin, Transflutrin, Pralethrin, and Carbamate Propoxur among


– Baygon still remains top as the highest performing insecticide. And
has in many cases proved to be efficient in exterminating stubborn
crawling, flying and hopping insects, sweeping the area clean for as
long as three to four months.

– Variety of sizes. As discussed earlier, Baygon insect killer comes
in two common sizes, 300ml and 500ml. But have the same power, and
were only made to meet up to customer purchasing power.

-Widely available: Baygon is readily available on online stores and
offline shops and supermarkets all over the country.


-Strong and overpowering yet offensive smell. The smell of freshly
sprayed baygon can choke a person, even after hours of treatment.

– Highly concentrated and flammable. Like all other petroleum based
insect and pest killers, applying Baygon carelessly and beside fires
could ignite an explosive flame.

-To expensive. Baygon’s high quality insecticide is about the most
expensive among other brands but that status has been maintained for

-Active ingredients on Baygon insecticide- Cyfluthrin and Prallethrin,
have been known to have adverse effects on some humans. With
possibilities of inducing headache, dizziness. The may not be highly
toxic in small quantities,but the same quantity could affect people
with weaker lungs.

All the same we could look at some precautions we can take that
would greatly reduce our risks.

-Always read the the very valuable instructions in the product manual.
They contain highly useful information on the product.

-Do not rely on Baygon as your only weapon against the nuisance of
insects. There are other ways, you can instead burn mosquito coils,
ensure that windows and doors are shut towards evening to avoid the
entrance of mosquitoes.

-If ever you use Baygon, do it when no one else is around. The smell
could be dangerous for pregnant/nursing mothers and young children.

-If you notice any negative changes in your body system and you think
it’s the effect of the insect killer, please stop and get medical

-Or you can find some alternatives to using Baygon.

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