In April, Nigeria’s richest man according to Forbes rating sold off his noodle-making branch to indomie makers- Dufil foods. It didn’t come as a surprise to me anyway, the noodles are absolutely substandard. So he made the right decision to sell it off. But it doesn’t end there, Mr.Dangote should consider selling his salt, spaghetti and even his sugar company too, or atleast hand it over to better hands.

I may sound crazy, but these products, they are not just of great quality. They are simply riding on the brand name but do not offer as much value as Nigerians deserve. Dangote spaghetti is the worst spaghetti in the market, placing far behind golden penny spaghetti. The strands clump together too much when cooked, it is so difficult to cook it without the whole thing getting too soft and burning up even before it can absorb the tomatoes source. And then that dull taste of flour that is so difficult to boil off. The product is just wack!

The salt… Oh! Try adding Dangote salt to Dangote spaghetti and you’re done for. The salt is not just salt but saw-dust. The few ocassions I used the salt made me grade it as the worst salt ever. At first I though I had a problem with my taste buds, because while cooking, you would never notice the salt in the food,prompting you to add more, until the food gets salty. Then the salt has this habit of not dissolving properly in oil.

Sugar… Well let more say much here, but the sugar is better off being used by confectioners than for home use. Reason: It doesn’t blend well when I soak it my tea or garri😂😂😂. Anyway, apart from cement which the brand is good in(A contractor friend told me Ibeto cement is way better , but there is something in a brand name), and maybe their flour (I’ll prefer golden penny flour to Dangote), I think Mr. Aliko needs to look into selling off his spaghetti, sugar and salt sections, especially spaghetti. The only plus, is that his products are usually N10-N20  cheaper than better once. But ‘inferior’ is always cheaper isn’t it?

I just wanted to drop this here… I’m running along, have a sharp day!

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Ebube Emeka

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