First, I’ll assume that before reading this post you already have a brand of roll-on or stick deodorant that you use and you’ve decided to stick with it. Nobody wants to walk into a room full of eyes with soaked armpits and a lot of people care about keeping people uncomfortable with their sweat induced odours. So we ask, what’s the difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant.

First, these two differ in their constituents and purpose. Though some products and brands have made efforts to combine the power of both into a container, but these two products perform better when they work alone. So what’s a deodorant? A deodorant is basically an odour killing product. Most deodorants fight odours by killing off the odour-causing germs, or at least inhibiting their activity. It is very simple, these the activity of these micro organisms causes an odour to emanate from your armpit, kill them off an you’ve solve the probkem.
Most deodorants come with alcohol(a powerful anti-germ agent), or some other active ingredients. People who have skins that easily ge irritated by alcohol may opt for alcohol free deodorants.


Just like the name, antiperspirants fight odours by making attempts to block your sweat pores. New antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that seal off your sweat pores temporarily. Antiperspirants are best suited for people who sweat excessively. I don’t sweat so much so I prefer a deodorant. Antiperspirants go a long way to also ensure the under arm of your brightly colored shirt doesn’t get stained by brown sweat dirt.

Despite the fact that antiperspirants reduce sweating, some forms of aluminum salts are known to stain your shirt when they react with sweat. So less sweating, less odours but stains on your shirt. That’s why you need to be careful when picking an antiperspirant. Nivea Fresh roll-on contains stable aluminum compounds that protect you from odours but doesn’t stain your shirt. Or you could opt for an aluminum free brand. Ask your local dealer for a list of the brands.

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