Dettol antibacterial skin jelly

We are right in the middle of the harmattan season. A season that is the favorite of many but has this way of making your skin look pitiable if you don’t use good skin lotion or jelly after a bath. Everywhere is dry and moisture is scarce, even your skin finds it difficult to retain its moisture this season, making it look dry and white. Then what about the cracked lips, and hey if you’ve been licking them stop, it makes them smell😂!

Anyway, in this post, I’m introducting to you a relatively new product from dettol, I myself didn’t notice it until recently. The product is an antibacterial skin jelly that smothens, protects, preseves and moisturizes your skin. A lot of things to do right? But the antibacterial skin jelly is actually the first antibacterial low cost jelly I have ever seen in a Nigerian supermarket. Truth be told, I never set out to buy dettol’s jelly, but had to because the store I went had just that product in stock. But after using it for a few days, its worth it.

Dettol antibacterial jelly is formulated with active ingredients that lock in and maintain skin moisture at the same time locking out germs(bacteria) up to 99.9%. You may wonder if the anti-germ part is really necessary, the thing is, as you go about your activities, the air which surrounds you deposits germs on your skin which could penetrate you skin and cause trouble. Remember the last time you had an unexplainable itch on your skin? Even objects you touch could transfer germs to your skin. And so, it is not all about moisturizing and making your skin look smooth and shiny, your skin needs protection before your next bath. That’s what dettol antibacterial skin jelly is formulated to do.

Usage: Apply all over the skin generously, concentrate on the well exposed areas of your skin and your feet.

PCMX(0.25%), dye, perfume, mineral oil.

Manufacturer details

This product is by Cybele Cosmetics Limited, located in Matori industrial estate, Ladipo, Lagos. The product is distributed by Rackitt Benckiser Nigeria LTD.

Pricing and availability

This product is available in supermarkets, stores, pharmacies and cosmetic stores around Nigeria. Price depends on location but it can be gotten for as low as N400.

NAFDAC Reg no: 02_6942

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