One day I had to ask a very close friend of mine this question: Between dettol, delta and premier cool, which one do you like? After a few seconds of thinking, she told me she loved dettol. Why? “I just…I just like it. It protects my skin, once I’m using it, I get so confident and it is soft and has a cool fragrance”. Okay. What about you? I mean of the three soaps, which do you like? I’ll tell you why I rep premier cool over the other two in a short time.

But first, there is really no big difference between the three of them. They are all a bunch of medicated/antibacterial soaps from different brands. They are practically into the same business: Killing off germs, fighting body odours and freshening up the skin with fragrance. And for lovers of medicated soaps, except you have always had one particular soap as your favorite among the three, picking which one to buy could be a dilemma. I have to confess, I have never really been the dettol or delta type, right from the moment I learned to bath on my own. So my point might be a bit partial here. But lovers of these two soap brands know why they fancy them.

So? After all these talk…?

Premier cool is ‘cool’. It is one unique soap that leaves a noticeable effect on your skin, several minutes after you’ve left the bathroom. It contains menthol extracts that leave an icy cool feeling on your skin and combined with cold air can tingle you forever😀. This is one edge, the soap has over the delta and dettol. Dettol has the menthol extracts, but the effect is not as strong as premier cool’s. Premier cool is fast acting, kills off bacteria faster and it is soft in the skin too. 

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