Everyone loves foreign and continental dishes that are cooked with top class cooking oil. Preparing high quality food, one thing every one regardless of the fact that you could be a professional or not is your choice of cooking oil. Professional chefs understand the dangers of buying unhealthy cooking oil from the road side, hence the prefer to go for the right choice- Devon Kings. The healthier alternative for the less healthy adulterated oil.

Devon Kings has been around in Nigeria for many years, but until recently the cooking oil was imported, thanks to an innovative effort from the team at PZ Wilmar, Devon Oil has firmly attached itself to its true heritage and is now been manufactured at the highest standards in Nigeria. Unlike other cooking oil brands that spend months sailing on oceans before reaching Nigerian borders, Devon cooking oil is fresh, clean and produced under strict NAFDAC and CODEX standards. As far as the seal of the container isn’t broken, you can be sure the oil is safe for use.

One beautiful thing about this oil is its wonderful and refined taste which reflects on whatever you use the oil to cook. The oil is also pure and unadulterated, you wouldn’t find suspended particles suspended within. So much unlike the cheap unsealed, uncertified brands.

Another cool thing about the product is that it is available in various sizes. So whether you’re a student, bachelor, spinster, chef, or a mother planning a heart meal for a large family, Devon Kings is their for you, in whatever size you can afford. The cheapest in the product line is the 100ml pillow pack, capable enough to handle a meal meant for six people! The biggest pack is the jerry can which comes with a sealed cap.

You won’t need to go about with empty, unsanitized bottles buying cooking oil, or spend more money on containers for your oil, Devon Kings handles that with disposable, clean, plastic containers of various sizes. The smaller sizes are packaged in tough satchets.

Manufacturer details

Devon Kings is marketed and distributed by PZ Wilmar a joint corporation formed by PZ cussons and Wilmar Plc. A corporation dedicated towards refining palm products for home use. The head office is located in Illupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.

NAFDAC Number: 01-0271

Devon Kings is available in supermarkets, and food stores around Nigeria. Pricing depends on your location and choice of product size.


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