The Pan African Bank- Eco Bank has unveiled its later e-commerce tool, a mobile banking app that will allow customers send and receive funds across the borders of 33 African countries for free.

       According to the bank, the mobile banking application will allow users send and receive funds, shop and receive payments with side charges across 33 African countries. One cool catch about the app is that every transaction is totally free, and there won’t be any side/extra charges for transactions.

       The app has been designed to work with the Eco bank Xpress Account, a special account that allows customers open accounts remotely over the internet. The app is being promoted by the bank as “the first ever unified app able to function across 33 African countries”.

        Speaking during the launch of the app, Eco banks GMD for customer service Patrick Akinwuntan said:

This product launch fulfils our promise to create relevant solutions for consumers. With the Ecobank Mobile App, Ecobank customers can now make and receive instant payments across 33 African countries on their mobile devices. They can also pay in store with their mobile phones. This is genuine convenience delivered to our consumers.

 By launching a unified mobile banking application and the first of its kind, the bank hoes to achieve its aim of hitting a customer base of 100 million. To accompany the launching of the app and as a step towards its 100 million customers ambition, Eco bank has also signed agreements with Master card to introduce the MasterPass QR and with Visa to introduce mVisa.

Source: techsabi

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