Peak evaporated milk

Evaporated milk, condensed milk, sweetened milk, whole milk, formular milk, these are all terms we hear regularly as far as buying and taking milk is concerned. But we want to know, what do this terms really mean? What is the difference and why can’t I use one in place of the other? I will try to stick to answering the basic questions and making this post as quick as possible.


      Evaporated milk is fresh milk from which 60% of water has been removed. In other words, it is just dehydrated milk. During production, fresh milk goes through some complicated processes including: chilling, heat-sterilization and canning. The sterilization removes micro organisms responsible for decay. This combined with the sugar and fat content of the milk gives evaporated milk a longer shelf life of several months to a year. Due to its concentrated nature, evaporated milk contains more nutrients than whole milk, as far is it is not reconstituted. Evaporated milk can simply be changed back to fresh milk by adding water.


Evaporated milk when canned properly can last for about nine months to a year in the shelf. But once opened, evaporated milk can only be preserved by refrigerating, and it should be consumed within a maximum period of 3-5 days. You don’t put evaporated milk in a freezer as this will destabilize the structure of the milk separating the constituents, mixing it again is impossible. Without a refrigerator, at room temperature, evaporated milk can maintain its healthy state for about 12 hours before it goes bad. Preservation could be enhanced by putting the can of opened milk in a bowl of cold water. Make sure the milk is tightly covered.


Peak condensed milk

Much like evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk or condensed milk as it is popularly known is just another form of dehydrated milk. Its just whole milk with 60% of water in it removed. The main difference between condensed milk and evaporated milk is that condensed milk is sweetened, that is it contains sugar. And that is why it is a little sweeter than pure evaporated milk. The added sugar in the milk, inhibits the activity of microrganisms, giving condensed milk a shelf life many years more than that of evaporated milk. Also the added sugar, means the milk doesn’t have to go through complex industrial processes unlike evaporated milk.


Canned Condensed milk can last years on the shelf, but has to be refrigerated once opened. Freezing is not advised.


Skimmed milk is milk from which  cream or milk fat has been removed. In other words, skimmed milk or skim milk contains less fat and calories than whole milk. Milk is made up of two solutions mixed together, the milk itself and cream which is dissolved in the milk. Skimming the milk involves removing the fat based cream which is separated from the milk itself. Skimmed milk most times is consumed as a dietery precaution. In most cases by people avoiding fat and calories. Skimmed milk is the opposite of full cream milk. Any milk with 0% animal fat is probably skimmed.


Smart formular milk for infants

This is milk prepared to meet the growth and development needs of babies aged 0-1 year. It could be used as an alternative to best milk or can also go did by side with breast milk. Formulae milk is usually skimmed processed cow milk with added vitamins and probiotics. More details of the ingredients can be found on the pack of the milk.

Can I replace formular milk with evaporated or condensed milk for an infant.

Answer: NO

You shouldn’t replace formular milk or use evaporated!/condensed milk as a replacement. Formular milk contains necessary nutrients for an infants growth and development. If you child has overgrown formular milk than you should move on to whole milk.

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