Despite the criticism surrounding the Cambridge analytics data saga,  Facebook is still not stepping down from their goal of leaving deep footprints in Africa. And they’ve  shown this by launching an empowerment programme specially for Nigerian women. The programme,  hashtagged #SheMeansBusiness is a project that is aimed at raising Nigerian female entrepreneurs.

“We know that when women do better, economies do better.  The study conducted by Development Economics further highlights this, with research suggesting that an estimated 7 million new businesses could be set up by women in Nigeria by 2021* – placing a greater importance on the role of women’s entrepreneurial ambitions for overall economic and social development in the country.”—Ebele Okobi, Facebook Public Policy Director, Africa.

There is the possibility  that by 2021,  a total of about 7 million business in Nigerian could be owned by women, and these businesses could be the key to raising about N20bn and employing millions.  This of course would only happen if women were trained to re-discover themselves in business.

How it work:

First Facebook is partnering with She Leads Africa.  She Leads Africa is a platform that takes a digital approach towards teaching women Internet literacy,  business tips etc.  Facebook will be using the facility at She Leads Africa to create an ecosystem for some to effectively learn,  grow,  collaborate and achieve.

Facebook will be holding series of workshops around Nigeria from May-September.

Check the schedule below:

Aba – May 18-19, June 22-23, August 10-11

Abuja – June 1-2, July 20-21, September 7-8

Ibadan – June 15-16, July 6-7, August 24-25

Kaduna – June 8-9, July 27-28, September 14-15

Lagos – May 4-5, May 25-26, July 13-14, August 17-18, September 21-22

Port Harcourt – May 11-12, June 29-30, August 3-4

You can apply to be a part of the events online at sheleadsafrica.org/shemeansbusiness

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