Early this morning marked the end of China’s former top space project,  the Tiangong-1, as the bus-sized space station re-entered the earth’s  atmosphere,  burning up before hitting the south region of the Pacific ocean.

In a report released,  China’s Manned Space Agency said that much of the space lab got burnt during the process of re-entry and crash.  But the while thing was largely uneventful,  despite the fact that the decent of the space object was uncontrolled.

Tiangong-1 was tracked by radar

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The space station was launched in 2011 as an experimental pivot for most of  China’s  space programmed. During its life span,  it successfully docked three vehicles and was use extensively by a three-man group who spent 12 days aboard the space lab in 2013.

The uncontrolled nature of the decent attracted a lot of attention in last few weeks ago and goes against the rules of best international space practices. And China has agreed to the fact that they should have tried to ‘fix’ the landing somewhere inside the spacecraft ‘graveyard’.  A location where crashing space rafts are usually redireced to as they re-enter the earth.

The space lab, did all it was expected to do,  the timing was accurate according to initial forecast and it landed away from humans. The possibility of recovering any useful parts from the space station is very low.

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