So, you’ve just dug deep(or maybe not too deep) into your pockets to purchase a new phone. Probably a smartphone. There are a lot of things you would like to do with the phone, but of course you’ll need to start from somewhere. Or won’t you?

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Now what are those things you’ll do first?


Unpack the phone and make a note of all components made available in the pack by the manufacturer. Some phones may or may not come with certain accessories. I once bought a phone that didn’t come with earphones. I had to go out immediately to get one.


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Check the SIM card slot(s):

I suppose that before you purchased the phone, you must have had enough knowledge about the phone, it’s network support and SIM card support. Confirm if your phone has dual or single SIM slots, the type of SIM supported. It could be micro or nano or the normal size. Get the right fitting sim card and insert it properly. You should find a small picture beside the spot, showing you how to insert.


Fix in the battery, most phones will come with the battery already in the phone. Remove the battery and check to see if there is a polythene seal covering the contacts of the battery. Remove the seal and reinsert the battery then put the phone on.

Go on… Follow the prompts to activate and set up your phone, most Android phones offer a really  simple setup procedure.

Other important stuff

It doesn’t just end there. You’ll still need to do a lot of other stuff like:

Deactivate bloatware

Android comes with a lot of useless pre-installed applications. Not it is quite impossible to uninstall these applications without hacking the phone. But you can actually uninstall them.

Limit all background processes

By default, most Android processes and applications continue to run in the background. Limiting these processes will save your battery.

Limit background usage of data by apps

This is important if you don’t want your apps to drain all the data from your first subscription bundle within a short time. Limiting or even stopping background data from most apps will help conserve you data even when you leave it on.

Reduce/ adjust screen brightness

Drag down the menu or go to settings>>> display and adjust your screen brightness. If you feel the brightness is too low then you can increase it. But increasing it drains more of your battery anyway. You should also set other features like the backlight time. This determines how long the screen remains on when there is no activity.

Remove unnecessary sounds and jingles

Adjust your sound and notification settings to remove those unnecessary sounds including keyboard taps and noise. Notification sounds too. Be careful not to remove you ringing and message tones.

Remove vibrations

Vibrations on key press waste a lot of battery energy in a short time. Leaving it on might make you start wondering if your manufacturer cheated you on battery spec.


  •  Check your camera, check it’s clarity
  • Check your LED flash
  • Check your speaker
  • Remove animations and widgets from home screen.

So that’s about it. Please did I miss anything? Feel free to leave a comment. You can help me post more stuffs like this by sharing it with your friends. Share… Share… Share!


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