Jumia black Friday is going to be a hit this year. Promising better deals, more days and more convenience. The e-commerce platform has promised that it will be better than last year. So dust up that shopping list of yours and ready your wallet and eyes too! Days they will be popping out with amazement!😂 Are you ready for jumia 2016 black Friday shopping madness?

Last year,jumia black Friday wasn’t just a great experience for users of the platform! Despite the fact that all the goodies of black Friday deals were over-hyped. The platform promised 50% off on products but millions of users could hardly find up to 20% discounts. In fact most of the discounts were on baby care products,toys, and flimsy stuff. Not just that, the black Friday was just for one day, and customers complained that the time was too short for them to place their orders.

But this year is going to be different. After due consideration, jumia has decided to make changes. First, this year’s black Friday won’t just be one day, but clear 12 days shopping spree. Now that’s almost two weeks and for me, it is a super wise decision, I give the one gwozai! 👍

As for the deals, I can’t say much until the shopping festival starts, but from what jumia is saying, it will be straight up awesome! Maybe you would even  get an IPhone 7 or a Galaxy s7 for N100,000😀. Or  that HP laptop costing 200k now may go for just 80k. For the gamers, expect massive discounts on FIFA 17  and  Mad Max.

For customers to fully enjoy this year’s black Friday, jumia has set the date from 14th-25th November, 2016. And taking a cue from last year’s black Friday, the fastest selling products will be fashion items, followed by smart phones and computers. To start this shopping spree running make sure you start at exactly 12am on 14th November. That when you get the beat deals on the beat products, by the third day you could be left with the left overs😀.

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