As part of its plans to give users speedy access to search results,  Google launched thr Google Go App just yesterday in Nigeria and 26 other countries across Africa. Particularly  in the Sub-Saharan region.

Google Go android app is a lighter version of the main Google app and its designed to run on devices with RAM capacity that is lower than 1GB. The app,  is just as light as 5MB compared to the main Google that is much heavier at 61MB. It also features advanced compression,  data caching which means it can cache search results and still make them available offline. It can also run search in the background for queries that previously failed from poor network.  With these features Google Go is perfect even on a 2G or EDGE network.

The app also has an improved voice search feature  that can pick out the strongest accents. Very suitable for Africans.  Other features are: single tap access to everything,  organizing all search,  gifs,  images,  text,  videos in one place. The essence of the app is to bridge the wide gap between the ‘smartphones’ and the ‘smarter phones’.  Giving users fluid access to search results and info regardless of the hardware your phone runs on.

You can download the app on Google playstore. Its available for android versions 4.3(Jelly Bean)  and above.

The Google Go project,  is an extension of Google Android 8 Go project,  which targets lower grade devices running on low hardware.

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