Recently, I did something I hadn’t done in a really long time – changing my brand of toothpaste. It was just for a while anyway. And you can guess the brand I haven’t been using for sometime- Oral B.

I decided to drop my favourite-  Oral B for a while, to see what good MyMy herbal  had in the tube. Well, I’ll be honest, brief and blunt as usual. MyMy herbal toothpaste is manufactured and distributed in Nigeria by Daraju Industries. It is a beautiful product, a powerful herbal cleanser for the mouth, maintains oral health up to high levels, fights germs, covers against plaque and tooth decay, in fact, generally it keeps you protected from most teeth and oral health issues.

My experience with the product was normal, just as you would expect from a herbal toothpaste. A Light-green gel / paste, with ‘grainy’ silica crystals for more abrasive effect on the teeth. The silica crystals are a little more here, but I guess it enhances the cleansing strenght . Strong flavour, foams very well, leaves you confidence for a few minutes after a good brushing session, but then after a while you will discover what I discovered… L

No fresh breath

Please if you feel this is wrong, comment. But this is what I experienced, I mean with MyMy toothpaste. A good brush isn’t complete without fresh breath, so why would a herbal toothpaste not have strong flavours (or whatever that gives fresh breath) to give one? Without that fresh breath, your breath can easily be replaced by foul odours from the compounds in your saliva.

Unfortunately, apart from the initial minty flavoured-breath that never stays behind beyond the first thirty-minuted after you’re done brushing, all that disappears to nowhere within one hour.

Another thing, but I’m yet to confirm it. Could it be possible that this particular toothpaste causes throat sores? After using the product one three occasions, I suddenly developed a throat sore one evening. But let me give the product a benefit of doubt, maybe because I had cough and catarrh before then, or maybe the sore may have been as a result of the switch or tootpaste. I’ll pass on that, till I confirm. Benefit of doubt given.

Well… Apart from these, I have nothing else to say about the product (just felt like saying hello ). But I would love to hear your mind. Could you just say something?? Or share, atleast.Cool morning!

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