Hp250 G4 Notebook is a nice business laptop PC, that may not look so pretty but stands clearly in front of others in terms of performance. Its a really sturdy powerful work station with rather simple, almost unattractive design. But catch break about this PC is that its one of the low-budget powerful laptop PCs equipped with an intel core. 

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There are a number of variants out there to meet your budget, you could go for the 4GB RAM+500GB hard drive variant, or you could try out the 8GB RAM+1TB hard drive variant, between these two, there are many variants including, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM+500GB hard drive, equipped with core i3 or core i5 processors.


HP 250 G4 Note book is designed to handle tough conditions and pressure, it has a study build that allows it to be carried around without concerns about the occasional bumps and knocks as you move about.

The HP 250 G4 is equipped with a classy anti-glare 15.6inch display and has a portable weight of 2.14 kg. The anti-glare will ensure you don’t have a bad experience using the PC outdoors.


HP 250 G4 performance is based in the variants and at tailored to fit into you budget and needs. You can go with the core i3 or the core i5 processors with speeds ranging from 1.6GHz to 2.2GHz. RAM availability is also based on the variant you choose. Either 8GB or 4GB.

The PC comes with windows 8.1 already installed, but fans of the good old windows 7 can have their choice too. Or you could just go for the FreeDOS v2.0.

HP 250 G4 features a powerful set of speakers from DTS sound tech, for the ultimate multi media experience. It also features a sensitive touch sensor, touch point manager and security lock.

The PC features a webcam, USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, card reader, HDMI port


HP 250 G4 battery- N17,000

The battery life of HP 250 G4 is just what you would expect to get from a low budget 15.6 inch laptop. It lasts about 5 hours if you are playing a low resolution video, using your office apps or doing some mild net surfing. The battery is a detachable 4 cell held at the back with tight clips.


HP 250 G4 is available in Nigeria at a starting price of about N120,000 dependimg on time and location. Buy here!

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