Just in case you don’t know yet, Last month, GOTV unveiled its latest
package for their subscribers called “GOTV Lite”.  The GOtv Lite package aka
‘Small Pepper’ is currently the cheapest pay-tv package in Nigeria.
The new package offers over 20 carefully selected international and
local channels and it gives customers the flexibility to choose one of
three payment options; N400 monthly, N1050 quarterly or N3100 for a

John Ugbe, managing director, MultiChoice Nigeria said: ‘As a
customer-focused organization, we understand that subscribers’ needs
are not all the same, and their economic might differ, as such we have
introduced GOtv Lite to cater for the down market. GOtv subscribers
can now pay less to enjoy more.’

The package will enable the average subscriber to ” pay Less
and enjoy more”. The channels listing on GOTV LITE include: Afro
Music Pop, Al Jazeera, e.TV, FAITH, Islam channel, JimJam, AIT, LTV,
MITV, ONTV Max, TVC Entertainment, TVC News Nigeria, Channels, Trybe
TV, STV, Wazobia TV, Galaxy TV and NTAi. Including to redir_esc
channels- Naija FM and Wazobia FM.

Gotv LITE package is exclusive for subscribed users. All
subscribers can new activate the GOtv Lite package by visiting any
multi choice center, dealers or agents
Gotv also has similar cheap offers for subscribers; GOTV value
which offers 25 solid channels for N1200 and GOTV plus which offers 50
channels for N1800.

Gotv vs Startimes, which do you prefer?

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