HolyCab is one of Nigeria’s newest high tech platforms. Launched on 1st October, HolyCab is a new high tech start up that aims to make taxi riding and booking a pleasurable experience for clients while still enriching the lives of partners and drivers with wonderful packages. HolyCab removes all the hassles involved in booking a taxi, replacing them with safety, reliability and comfort.


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      HolyCab was launched to introduce a type of “ride-earn”  system that will reward both the taxi rider, the driver and partners in the business by circulating cash within the system. Drivers who have already signed up on the platform are looking forward to a live time earning scheme that will reward them even after retirement. HolyCab will also offer partners the chance to earn even during a vehicle’s downtime and clients can also join the wagon by hooking up other clients onto the platform with their unique referral links.

    HolyCab calculates and pays out the earnings of drivers, partners and riders every week. This is so much unlike other E-TAXI platforms. HolyCab app is also easy to use, and effective too. Enabling riders to hook up with their rides to any destination with a few taps on their mobile phones.

     HolyCab has gone ahead to apply innovative and intelligent technology, making connection easier, rides safer, and the apps make it easy for both driver and rider to schedule and manage taxi bookings.
 With HolyCab, the highest level of professionalism and safety is guaranteed and the system is backed up by 24hrs/7 days customer care support. With the aid of intelligent apps and innovation, HolyCab booking services are maintained at the highest international standards and can be rated as the best in industry in terms of safety, comfort and reliability. HolyCab has an android and iPhone app available for free on at app stores. You can also sign up as a driver or book a taxi at

      HolyCab taxi bookings are also flexible, offering the ‘waiting’ option which reduces charges when the driver has to wait while you do some grocery shopping. In fact the unreal reality of HolyCab is so superb that it forms the basis for its name. E just be like sey na dem Holy Pass!

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