NUBUCK is a kind of tough leather, similar to suede but it’s made from top grain cattle leather. On the outside, it is usually smoothened or buffed to produce a rough, fine, grainy surface with short fibers sticking out. The difference between Nubuck and suede is that Nubuck is made from the outer hide.

Nubuck leather is tough  and it is generally costlier than suede. It is soft to touch, fairly resistant to harsh chemicals, scratches easily and is usually decolored when water touches it.  It is not waterproof, but it can take up a lot of soaking from water without the material getting entirely damaged.

Nubuck Leather Bag
Nubuck Brown Leather Bag

Nubuck is a type of unfinished leather. And one of it’s characteristics is that it retains it’s soft, supple and flexible nature. It is very close to the natural state of pure leather and should be well taken care of.

How to take care of Nubuck leather products

Avoid  allowing your bags and shoes made from Nubuck leather to get soaked by water.

Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, petrochemicals and even insecticides.

Sometimes the die of the material might fade and you might need to re-color it, try using the right die.

Regularly air your bags and shoes to get rid of excess moisture.

Regularly clean out your bags and remove insects that might be eating into the material.

Nubuck leather can be made into several nice products including: bags, shoes, coats, watch straps, hats , belts and furniture.

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Face Caps

Leather caps
Nubuck leather caps

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