Irish Spring soap has been in existence since the early ’70s
as a gentle, cool, sweet fragrance soap that is soft on the skin. Its
more of a deodorant soap bar than a beauty soap, and its powerful
fragrance can keep sweaty odours away for as long as 8+ hours. One
iconic characteristic of Irish spring retained over decades is the
power of its homely fragrance and that has been the selling point of
the soap for years.

I don’t really have much trouble with BO and so I can’t really
comment as to how much rating Irish Spring gets in that area, but I
have have to rate it high on scent strength, fragrance longevity, and

Irish spring lathers strongly in shower, and this ensures that
the soap is softer and smoother on the skin and also lasts. Fragrance
longevity? Yes. For a toilet soap, Irish Spring has passed my own user
review tests, even in extremely hot conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa,
Irish Spring manages to keep body odours at bay for 6-12 hours
depending on the individual.

Irish Spring is a very powerful body cleaning soap, it’s
almost creamy lather gives this smooth sensation on the skin when
used, and it has been reviewed by some men as a perfect shaving soap
too. Even good enough to stand for a shaving cream.

As for its scent being male-specific, well, I can’t pretend
to understand the choices women make, but I have a sister who uses
Irish spring and she hasn’t complained about the scent being all the
masculine. Besides, a lot of ladies use soaps and creams for men and
they don’t even know!

However, Irish Spring is a potential skin drier. And it
dries the skin as good as it cleans it. This could cause skin cracks
and itchy sensations for people with soft moisturised skin. People
with already dry skin don’t have to worry.

In fact if you think you can go days without using a body lotion,
then you shouldn’t have issues with the soap. But if you skin itches
at the slightest irritation, and Irish spring is the only available
soap, then apply lotion immediately you step out of the shower.

Irish spring deodorant soap is made by
New Home Products Industries Limited situated at 21, Akinyemi
crescent, off fataiatere way, matori oshodi, Lagos Nigeria.

Irish spring deodorant soap is distributed
by Colgate-Palmolive company (p.o box
13035, Ikeja, Lagos).

Nafdac reg no: 02 – 9609.

Irish Spring Deodorant soap bar comes in a largely ‘forest green’ 4/6
cardboard box, with “Irish Spring Deodorant Soap/Savon Desidorant”
emblazoned on it. The soap bar itself has a minti green colour for the
which is cool.

Irish Spring is available in Nigerian shops, supermarkets and
should cost between N180 and N220 for a bar.

Buy irish spring deodorant online—

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