Jumia black friday is still and it has gone just 3 days so there 9 more days to go. Black Friday is a very good time to get the best shopping prices as stores go head-on to beat each other in sales bring the price of a lot of items down, especially kitchen appliances. In this post, we have compiled a list of some kitchen appliances that you can get at the best prices this black Friday.

1.  Blenders and food processors.

      Blenders are very important in the kitchen and they are used for a variety of purposes including Milling fruits and vegetables. Blenders are light weight and can be delivered easily and they are usually the first to receive a price knock-off on black Friday. You can go for single blenders or the ones with multiple parts, you will get them cheap. Also look for yam pounding machines, fruit mixers and electric kitchen knifes.
Buy blenders here


       Now is no better time to get a good gas cooker for cheap price, gas cookers are going for very impressive discounts on jumia now and you can get a very cheap double burner for as low as N7000 now. With more money you can go fore a gas cooker and an oven.
      Buy a gas cooker here

Electric cookers too. Single burner, double, triple double burner with oven double burner with grill, name them, they are all there on jumia with flashy discounts too. But you will need to look patiently to get the very best deals.

3. Toasters

       Have ever wanted to try out toasting your bread or sandwiches yourself, then you need a toaster to do that. But you don’t need to wait to spend more when you can spend less on it now. You can also try out the sandwich maker, but are very essential kitchen appliances. They have the power to turn boring looking bread and snacks into appetizing meals.
        Bread toasters on Jumia

5. Microwave ovens 

        A microwave keeps you food warm and it’s a must-have for every kitchen. Its needed to warm up your food with making it loose so much nutrients. Microwave ovens are available on jumia with very attractive discounts.
         Buy a microwave oven here

6. Refrigerators and freezers

          When you think of preserving your fresh fish,stew or soup,a deep freezer comes to mind. Deep freezers and refrigeratorsare needed to preserve your food and drinks, you can get a good refrigerator for as low as 25k on jumia black Friday, or it you could get it for less depending on the type.
Check these freezers

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