99% of every dish cooked by Nigerians contain either Maggi,
Knorr or Royco seasoning. Be it stew, soup, vegetable sauce, jollof or
fried rice, porridge, beans, you must perceive the taste of a cube
seasoning- maggi, royco, Doyin, Jumbo, A-One, Ajino Moto, Sasa, Tasty
King or Onga. And eversince Unilever took over production of knorr
from Cadbury Plc in 2005, the battle between maggi (from Nestle) and
knorr (Unilever) has intensified several times over.

Right now, knorr is threatening to throw maggi overboard from
the recipe menu of families and hospitality centres. Before now, maggi
used to enjoy that top spot, thanks to Nestle’s endearing marketing
and communication with consumers.

One thing Maggi brand has always been known for is its promo
and Integrated approach to marketing and communication. This was made
possible by extensive use of billboards and even handbills(at one
time) and sponsored reality shows including ‘cook for mama’ and Maggi

On the other hand, knorr has not been left out entirely, they
have also been aggressive in promoting the brand, especially through
the more recent family union oriented promo ‘Meal Times’. Which saw
the company organise many family picnics.

In 2011, a survey revealed that there was a 3% percent gap
between the market control of Maggi and that of knorr. And that the
market favours Maggi by that slim margin. Especially in the North,
East, South-south and south-east. But that seems to closing up. Many
women are beginning to understand the impact the ‘better seasoning’
could make in their efforts to win a husband’s heart or a customer’s

Statistics have it that most kitchen queens are moving over
to knorr for it lesser salt content which saves them the trouble of
adding excess salt to food. Mrs. Phelomena said she prefers knorr as
the main seasoning for her mini restaurant business because “its aroma
and taste is more pleasant and exciting than maggi”.

Mrs. Christiana, a young family woman said she uses Knorr
because she is less like to get her soup salty than maggi. “And the
difference between maggi and knorr is always made clear in her tomato
stew.” She further added that knorr has a stronger flavour that blends
well with curry.

However a few retailers in some areas have confirmed that
they sell off maggi stock faster than knorr. As customers prefer
buying maggi to knorr.


Maggi cubes contain a high percentage of sodium and hydrogenated
oils. Sodium which is packaged in form of the not-too-healthy
Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) is known to induce high stress levels with
headache, body weakness, burning sensations, high pressure and in some
cases heart disease as symptoms and effects.

Hydrogenated oils are just once healthy oils that have been
processed into unhealthy fats. Containing high levels of bad

Although, Nestle states on their website that there is no
clinical evidence to support the general effect of MSG, people still
have those alarms bells ringing when the hear Maggi. And many of them
have checked out other solutions, including local spices and knorr.
Knorr is MSG free.

However, we will still continue to observe the trends and watch
the better brand win the market.

What cube seasoning do you prefer? Share your comments!

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