It has been confirmed,  Yudala has been absorbed into Konga and Konga is on its way to becoming the biggest ecommerce platform in Nigeria,  West Africa and Africa. But what will the merger actually bring?

Ofcourse,  the big deal isn’t just to make Konga an ecommerce giant but to actually make it a Juggernaut.  The partnership will involve both partners and the two  CEOs, bringing their ideas,  concepts and tools to the to drawing table. Konga will be bringing its supercreative concepts like Konga Pay which is CBN approved and Konga express. These are in-house solutions that have had a positive impact on ecommerce in Nigeria.

On the other side,  Yudala will be making available its network of offline stores. These concepts will go a long way to move ecommerce away from its two main challenges: Payment and Logistics. By using the network of chain stores connected to Yudala,  Konga could be solving this problem of Logistics. Well,  just as long as they expand those stores to locations outside Lagos and Abuja.

Konga Pay is already doing well and KOS express has helped in maintaining  Konga deliveries at an optimum level. All that is left is for Konga to increase their inventory (they are still lagging behind Jumia) and then maybe find a way to restore trust.

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