Luminous inverters are a global brand popular in Nigeria and many parts of Africa. Luminous inverters in Nigeria range from as low as 600VA to 3.5KVA. They are a very efficient brand of low cost power inverters that can be used at home or for business. Luminous inverter also has its high power product line, ranging from  10KVA to 150KVA.

1.5KVA luminous inverter- N70,000

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  • Luminous inverters are controlled by a very fast and powerful DSP that aids signal and circuit control, preventing overload and short circuiting.
  • Luminous inverters also feature some innovative battery management technology that ensures that your battery lasts long on a single charge. It also shuts down when your reaches an allowed critical point. This prevents the battery from drinking down completely and also preserves it on the long run.
  • Battery polarity reverse protection ensures you don’t damage your inverter during installation.
  • Fast relay system for auto switching from power to stand-by.
  • Indicators for battery levels, voltage levels etc.
  • Easy one hand installation.
  • Protects your appliances from current surge.
      Luminous inverters are strong, rugged and produce a pure sine wave signal current. This means that your appliances will run on a steady ‘smooth’ stream of current without any humming sounds. The inverters also come equipped with battery chargers that charge your battery faster than other inverters.

Buy luminous inverters on konga from N40,000

     Luminous inverters in Nigeria are marketed by Simba Nigeria, a well known services firm. This of course means that the parts should not be difficult to find. Luminous inverter prices start at N40,000 depending on your location in Nigeria. Battery costs not included.

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