Maybe you don’t know, but you can earn a lot of cool cash as a Quickteller Paypoint agent here in Nigeria. All you will be doing is acting as a middle man, handling  financial transactions between customers and Quickteller agents. For example, as an agent, you will be  managing a ‘paypoint unit’ for Quickteller and  you will be earning a bulk of exciting commissions and incentives as you offer financial services like Bill Payment, Funds Transfer, Cash Deposits, Cash Withdrawals, Insurance and Airtime Recharge to customers.

Quickteller Paypoint is the trade name for IFIS Agent locations. It is a one-stop shop where all the products/services provided by IFIS Ltd can be accessed and purchased. IFIS (Interswitch financial inclusion services) is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide digital financial services aimed at bringing basic financial services to the door-step of the unbanked/underserved Nigerians, currently estimated at more than fifty million adults.

So what would you be doing as a Quickteller Agent?

First, the following are services available at Quickteller paypoints:

  • Airtime recharge (all networks)
  • Bills payment/settlement (electricity bill, water bill, Waste bill, DStv, GOtv, Startimes, actv, Local and State government levies/taxes, estate permits, etc.)
  • Funds transfer (sending money to, and receiving money from, any person nationwide)
  • Account opening with any bank
  • Payments – for insurance premiums, airline tickets, embassies, etc.
  • Deposit of funds (cash-in) into own or a thirdparty account
  • Withdrawal of funds (cash-out) from own account


What the business is about

As much as the business is a lucrative one, loaded with incentives, you will have to be careful as it requires a strategy if you really want to be successful. The concept behind Quickteller paypoint is to help customers who are not so ‘tech savvy’. In other words, customers who cannot handle those transactions on their own. Infact, your shop should be located in a place where only a few persons do know how to use a smartphone, and very few know anything about USSD codes and such stuff. If your shop is located among techy youths, sorry… Quickteller Paypoint business isn’t for you.

Who & Who are suited for this business?

This opportunity is available for individuals, small business, medium business and even larger businesses. As a paypoint agent running a small business like retail store, supermarket, laundry etc, incentives from Quickteller could supplement your income.

Having an already thriving business with a noticeable customer base will help you gain traction almost as soon as you venture as a PayPoint agent.


So, if you have finally decided or you just feel like finding out more…

Quickteller Paypoint Registration Requirements

Interested investors must ensure they possess the following qualities and requirements:

  1. Must be able to read and write
  2. Must have a functional android enabled mobile phone
  3. Must have an existing physical shop/business outlet
  4. A completed Agent application form/agreement and account package
  5. A copy of ID or equivalent (Driver’s license, Voter’s card, National ID card, Int’l passport)
  6. A Passport-sized photograph
  7. Proof of Address (Utility bills e.g. PHCN, LAWMA, DStv, GOtv, StarTimes, etc.)
  8. Financial/Bank account detail or statements
  9. Items 1-8 above are required to be a Classic or Standard IFIS Agent. However, business registration documents are required to be a Prestige IFIS Agent.
  10. A minimum start-up capital requirement of N10,000 (This amount is not a fee but your trading capital which will credited to your wallet immediately you are setup). *smiles*.

How Can I Get Started as an Agent to Quickteller?

  • Ensure you have a work tool/device (Smart phones that run on Android 4.4 OS)
  • Complete and submit the registration form
  • Provide the required KYC documents
  • Provide the minimum operating capital requirement
  • Receive validation and setup details
  • Be enlisted for training
  • Receive starter pack and branding materials
  • Commence live transactions documents will also be required.

Getting approved as a Quickteller agent is pretty simple. Just ensure you have the materials listed above and your location is:

  • Traceable (It shouldn’t be too obscure, you will soon know why).
  • There are no Quickteller agents within 10 miles reach to your location.

1. Go to—form and fill the form.

Wait for a couple of weeks or three, Quickteller will be sending their agents to verify your office space. That is why your location should be easy to find.

2. Pay N10,000 cash to the IFIS operational bank account with details:

Bank : First Bank

Account Name: Interswitch Financial Inclusion Service.

Account Number: 3096902289

The amount you pay is your capital and will be credited to your account for your business. It means the business does not require any financial commitment.

3. Wait to recieve your PIN (within a day or two).

4. Start your business.

You may be visited by agents from Quickteller sometime after your registration and you will receive branding materials (T-shirts etc) and your banner.





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