Nigeria’s fastest growing retail bank,  has launched an awesome chatbot that uses AI to create human-like interactions on Facebook messenger app.  Diamond bank is one the latest banks in Nigeria to leverage the emergence a new trend-AI chatbots to reach and service millions of customers.

The chatbot named ‘Ada’ learns rapidly from past interactions and through data gathered,  diamond  bank is able to offer relevant solutions and services.  The chatbot is currently available on facebook’s messengers app,  but would soon be live on other chat applications soon.

As a chatbot,  Ada can reach out to millions of customers and create a seamless and easy banking experience for the following transactions: bills payment,  airtime recharge,  fund transfer,  basic account inquiry.

Commenting on the launch of Ada, Uzoma Dozie, CEO of Diamond Bank said: “I believe data and technology has the power to transform Nigeria’s economy, so I am excited to announce the launch of Diamond’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Chatbot named Ada.”

Ada will allow us to further digitalize the mobile banking process and create an increasingly customized mobile banking experience for our millions of customers, Ada also presents another opportunity to deepen financially literacy and build trust and transparency in our ecosystem.

“I am passionate about how Diamond can leverage technology to tap into Nigeria’s huge market, whereby a large segment of the population is underbanked or unbanked. Data-led technology can plug this gap, and expand financial inclusion on a rapid scale.”

“Diamond already has a foundation of over 15 million customers, and our AI-driven Chatbot Ada will enable us expand our digital-led strategy, and reach even more people across Nigeria through mobile banking.”

Have you tried chatting with ADA?  Try it now!

Chat with ADA now! 

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