A Nigerian medical doctor, Ajoku Amadi Obi has launched a medical app that would take medicine and health consultation in Nigeria forward by the leaps. Hudibia is a mobile health app that enables patients get access to medical experts of all specialties, for faster healthcare services and more effective monitoring of patient health.

Hudibia gets its name from Igbo language, it means ‘see a docyor’ in Igbo. Amadi Obi said that the app uses a variety of emerging technologies, including: telemedicine, wearable tech, and m health to connect patients to the necessary medical help.

Mr. Amadi said the app comprises gynecologists, pediatricians, ophtomologists, oncologists and pharmacists both home and abroad. In summary, the app allows patients get access to cost effective healthcare from anywhere in the world. Speaking on the app Mr. Amadi Obi said:  “Patients can log on to the platform and register under non-doctors category for free. They will choose any doctor of their choice, open the profile of him and read through. We evaluate these shrinks before we upload them on the platform.”

To ensure that customers are satisfied with the service offered by the app, Hudibia has a special team that goes around to monitor the activities of the service provided by the medical practitioners registered on their app. The app also has a simple and highly interractive interface with several language options, including: Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, French, Arabic. According to Hubia: “we are trying to break down barriers, so the patients can interact smoothly with the experts”

The powerful app already has about 250 experts on its list and has big plans to expand. The app can also conduct ultra sound scans on pregnant women through video chat. The scans can be conducted till the time of delivery. The pregnant patient can go to a near hospital to deliver of choose to go to the doctor’s.

What more, you can book an appointment with a doctor on behalf of someone😀. Just leave the contact details and the doctor will trace the patient and administer medical help.

The mobile app is available on android playstore or iOS(for iPhone users). App name is Hudibia.

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