Mocassins and loafers are very popular shoe types that date back to centuries ago. They are both casual and professional worn shoes that come in different styles. Most people still find it difficult to distinguish the two. Some are of the opinion that the both are the same, which is wrong.

Leather black moccasins.

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Let us go ahead to find out the difference. First…

       Loafers and MOCASSINS are entirely different brands. Mocassins date back to the Native Americans who fashioned their own brand of mocassin boots, them primarily for hunting.  Loafers is a shoe type based on the moccasin style.

Clark Black leather loafers.

       Loafers, the name speaks for itself. A style of shoe meant for people so lazy that they can’t tie a shoe lace. They are primarily slip on shoes.

Suede moccasins

The main difference between loafers and mocassin is that loafers have prominent heels. In fact they are normal heel shoes that don’t need a shoe lace. However newer loafers come with embellishing styles like laces(that do nothing) , bows ribbons. Mocassins on the other hand have no heels. They still maintain the original native american concept of stealthy hunting shoes. Some newer brands may incorporate some stylish soles. An example is Tod’s mocassins that come with studs. Some other brands may come with footprints, trackprints etc.

Studded mocassins


           I hope this post helped clear you on the difference between the two. Send in your reactions and comments if you have any. We love ’em! Don’t forget to share with friends!

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