Less than a week ago Glo enlisted itself into the 4G lite group, becoming the second mobile telomcoms service provider to officially unveil the service in Nigeria. The first was MTN who upgraded their services to 4G after they acquired Vodafone. But until a week ago, the service was only available to Vodafone subscribers who had been migrated to MTN by reason of the acquisition.

      MTN has officially unveiled 4G lite for all of its customer base and this post has ccompiled a list of available data plans on the MTN 4G Lite network.


1. Daily Plan

100MB for N500(24hrs).

2. Weekly plan

 150MB for N500(7 days validity)

3. Monthly plans

  •   200MB for N1000(30 days validity)
  • Unlimited data for N36,999 (30 days validity)
  • 10GB for N6,000 (30 days validity)
  • 15GB for N10,000 (30 days validity)
4. Yearly plans
  • 42GB for N66,499 (12 months validity)
To know if your phone supports the 4G Lite network, send 4G as a text message to 131.
If your phone supports 4G lite, you will receive a message welcoming you to 4G lite and telling you to upgrade your SIM to a 4G supported SIM. 
If your phone is not compatible with 4G Lite you will be told in a text message. You will be instructed to visit an MTN store to upgrade your phone and SIM to 4G  support 4G.
You can also get information on if your phone supports 4G  by checking your network settings.
If you have confirmed that your phone is compatible with 4G network and you have got yourself a 4G SIM, please dial 
*444# to buy any of the 4G data plans above.
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