MTN and Nigerian Federal Government will never cease to amaze me as far as using the internet in Nigeria is concerned. After the news can!e to us that data tarrifa had more than tripled in Nigeria, MTN’s boss is suggesting that WhatsApp and Viber should be banned in Nigeria. 

In case you’ve not heard, the CEO, MTN Nigeria made some statements recently that clearly implied that the services of Whatsapp and Viber in Nigeria were robbing them of the profit they’ve been making charging Nigerians for voice calls. According to Mr. Ferdinand Woolman, MTN is really pissed at the losses they’ve incured all from the activist of ‘over-the-top’ telecom services. These guys(WhatsApp, Viber etc), according to him, don’t pay taxes and don’t even have a physical presence in Nigeria.

He also stated another reason to be the unavailability of foreign exchange, he disclosed that much of their input resources were sourced from outside. He said that this had increased operating costs, and that the activities of WhatsApp, Viber and other services providing voice and video calls over the internet was debilitating telecom operators.

Well everyone has his/her own opinion on whether whatsapp should be banned in Nigeria or not. I can’t say that I’m in MTN’s shoes. But MTN’s boss should understand that WhatsApp is a free services that has made communication cheaper for billions of people, before WhatsApp, call tarrifs on Nigerian networks were at cut-throat prices. Thanks to WhatsApp people now talk more, and chat more than would have been possible even during the best MTN bonanza.

MTN boss is claiming that after all UAE did the same, banning  Wechat 2.0 audio and video call feature, at the same time disabling the features from whatsapp, face time and viber. But that happened because the features are against VoIP rules in the UAE. Besides that, UAE already has licensed operators to handle audio and video calls in the region.

Well except MTM is ready to introduce their own app to replace WhatsApp and Viber calls, that is free instant messaging service, they shouldn’t even think of blocking these services In fact in my blunt opinion, all the cash they’ve taken from us should be enough to pay up the NCC fine slammed on them. They should stop finding ways to extort the money from their customers. Or… What do you think?

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