The impounded rice

Some weeks ago, Nigerian customs impounded several metric tonnes of what was all edged to be “plastic” or fake rice. The rice was said to have been tested by a consumer who insisted that the rice wasn’t safe to e consumed and that it felt like rubber. The rumour spread quickly after the bags of rice were seized and Nigerians became seriously. News that some bags of the fake rice were already in circulation in the market didn’t help matters. Few days ago, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control(NAFDAC) in a press conference read out the final results obtained from analyzing samples of the fake rice. The samples were taken from the customers agency office where the seized fake rice was kept.

On physical inspection of the rice which had the brand name: Best Tomato, it was discovered that the rice had no NAFDAC number, manufacturer details, batch number or date markings at all. The rice was packed in 25KG size bags. The preliminary result of the analysis was conveyed to the Honorable Minister for Health, Prof Isaac F. Adewole and was made public on 22nd December, 2016 whilst awaiting the comprehensive result. The full report was presented on 29th December, 2016. It is as follows.

1. Floating – Negative

2. Sedimentation – Positive

3. Cooking – Normal

4. Odour – Normal
5. Colour – Off-white grains

6. Moisture – 13% (within specification)

7. Pre-ashing – Normal

8. Ash – 0.6% (within specification)

9. Lead and Cadmium – Not detected

10. Aerobic mesophillic count – 2.8x105cfu (above maximum limits)
11. Mould – 5.1x103cfu- (within specification)

12. Coli form – 7.5x103cfu (above maximum limits)

13. E-coli – <3cfu p=”” specification=”” within=””>

14. Packaging – Does not conform to NAFDAC pre- packaging Food labeling regulations 2005

“Based on the above Laboratory result, the product is not plastic but rice contaminated with microorganisms above permissible limit, hence the seized rice consignment is UNSATISFACTORY and therefore unwholesome for human consumption. The consignment upon handover by the Nigeria Customs Service shall be destroyed.

I wish to thank the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service and his men for the timely interception of this unwholesome rice. NAFDAC in collaboration with Nigerian Customs Service will continue to intensify vigilance and surveillance activities at all entry ports and boarders.

May I use this medium to appeal to the General Public to report any suspicious case(s) about all NAFDAC regulated products to any of the NAFDAC offices across the Nation for prompt regulatory action. I appeal for continued support and cooperation of all Nigerian to team up with NAFDAC in our concerted effort to deliver on our mandate of safeguarding the health of the Nation.”

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