WhatsApp has just introduced a new feature that will help them combat fake news. The feature is simple, it allows you know which messages are forwarded by tagging it with ‘forwarded’.

The new feature will let you know if the next message that was sent to you was actually written by the sender or just forwarded. It is a normal thing to receive scam-messages from people giving you fake warnings about a disease that has just surfaced or some poison contained in some type of food. Most of these messages are created by bored people who just feel like creating viral rubbish that add no value. In the process the leverage on the emotions of people who think they are helping their friends and family by spreading the fake news.

Hopefully, the new feature and that tagging will help people know which messages is a mass-message. And it will help people decide on which message to ‘forward’ to others.

To get the new feature on your WhatsApp, just go to Android or iOS store and download the latest version or simply update the current app to the latest version.

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Ebube Emeka

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