Despite the fact that nutritionally, Indomie is lower in quality than what Nigerians consider as staple food, Indomie has still remained the first choice brand of noodles in Nigeria.

Years after Indomie was introduced into the Nigerian market, Indomie had 99% market share, but that was because there were no competitors. Right now with over 17 players in the noodle market, that figure has dropped to 65%.

Still, Indomie remains number one in the market, but will things remain the same?

Unique Taste

Indomie gained popularity in Nigeria first because it came before others. Second they came the Nigeria way, identifying with the needs of Nigeria immediately they came. Thirdly, the taste, the uniqueness of the taste made it stand out. It made it the favourite food of kids, it made it the preferred choice for young girls. So far, no other noodles comes close to Indomie in taste, except chiki noodles, which was later beaten to the number two position by Tummy Tummy.

Indomie claims the unique taste isn’t just from their seasoning alone, but right from the preparation of the dough. This is true, Tummy Tummy noodles tastes totally different from Indomie in noodle and seasoning. Other noodles might be similar to Indomie in the seasoning content, but the difference is clear in the noodle.


From chicken flavour to fried noodles, superpack, hungryman, belleful, different noodles for different conditions, different taste for different people. Indomie has launched atleast one new noodles into the line every three years in the last two decades. Compared to other noodles, every retail store selling Indomie has atleast three different types of Indomie noodles.

Relatively cheaper

Variety in the market has made indomie relatively cheaper. Apart from the 100g and 120g packs which costs almost  as much as same-size packs from other brands, bigger Indomie packs are cheaper. The bigger the pack, the cheaper indomie becomes. For example, Tummy Tummy 120g costs about N100 -N120, the same with Indomie. But Indomie has 210g pack in hungryman (almost double), but costs just N150 and also a 450 gram pack that costs just N200. No other noodle brand has these large sized packs.

Rice is expensive

After the current administration banned the importation of rice leading to ridiculous inflation in the price of Nigeria’s No1 staple food, Indomie sales trippled as Nigerians had no other choice but to replace rice with noodles on the breakfast and dinner tables. And as long as rice continues to remain expensive, Nigerians will continue to buy bigger packs of Indomie. Infact, I’m tipping Dufil foods to launch a bigger pack next year- which could be named ‘bottomless pit’.

Blends with any ‘added’ stuff

Indomie’s unique taste helps it blend with almost anything you add to it. Vegetables, oil, eggs, stew, palm oil, tomatoes. Practically anything or any spice or seasoning. This is something Tummy Tummy lacks, I’m not being biased here, but Tummy Tummy has a nauseating taste on its own, it is worse when you add oil, or vegetables to it. I’m open to corrections.

Involvement in  projects

In the past and recently, Indomie has organised, sponsored and has been involved in several TV shows, promos and free giveaways that have touched the hearts of Nigerians. More than any other brand, Indomie has done a lot to give back to the Nigerian society through  talent shows, contests, scholarships, Indomie heroes, philantropic gestures, gifts to kids and families, all the noise surrounding these activities have embedded Indomie into the minds of Nigerian bellies.

Anyway, several years ago, Indomie was the sole player in the market and could walk away with whatever mistakes they made, now, things are much different, customers have several choices, so the question still remains. Will Nigerians still love Indomie for a long time to come?

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