Hello everyone, it’s been a long time right? Well, I dropped by to talk about a few things. Yeah, I will be talking about some really great products I’ve used in the past months. Starting with the Nivea Express Hydration Moisturizer.

Well, this new cream is my crush. It’s a really beautiful product that I adore a lot. Soft, sweet smelling,and lots more. Hey, I don’t want to promote it, so let’s talk honestly.

I decided to try the product because I noticed my skin was getting unnecessarily dry and cracked. At first I ignored it, until it became very embarrassing, much like the hide of small reptile(not funny). So I went to a grocery store and grabbed me a lotion.

Nivea Moisturizing cream is a really soft cream that ensures your skin is never dry and it’s easily absorbed by your skin pores making your skin supple.

I’m a lazy person when it comes to applying moisturizers on my skin and so I like lotions that aid my laziness. This product lives up to it’s name, just a little on my palm, it quickly spreads through and absorption is very fast. And the effect sticks with my skin for the whole day and all through the night.

The product isn’t harsh at all, it has this amazing scent and even infants like it. My friend has been using it for her baby girl and the child loves the effect on her skin.

Much unlike most moisturizers, this one has a long lasting effect of up to 18 hours. It doesn’t itch or irritate the skin and it doesn’t make you sweat. Well, except you decide to smear you body with a heap load. All you need is just a little drop and you’re good to go.

The product is available in various sizes and is usually packed it in a white and deep blue, container.  There is also a pack that comes with a pump, which makes it the experience more interesting and pleasurable.

For availability, the product is readily available in most cosmetic and grocery stores. For just about N1500 you can get the big 400ml pack and for just about N800 you can get the smaller 200ml pack.

NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion is a body lotion that will leave skin feeling soft, supple and delicately scented with blue lotus. The ultra-light formula contains sea minerals and promotes a continuous moisture supply from within, for long-lasting, soft skin.

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