I’m the kind of person who loves to stick to just one product for years, but since I started this review thing, I’ve been pulling different kind of products off from shelves and testing them on myself. So in the spirit, of the made-in-Nigeria excitement, I walked into a supermarket around me last week and told the salesgirl behind the counter to give any made-in-Nigeria soap of her choice. After looking through the brands, I was almost tempted to change my mind, grab a foreign soap and run home, but I stood there, till she brought this soap for me.

No 1 Family soap

Honestly, the name of the soap sounded funny, it was totally brandless, and for good five minutes I was looking for what I think a soap should be given as a name. All I could see was ‘No1 Family soap extra cool’. Well, I went home, and started using the product. Day 1, went as normal, no reactions, it just had the same effect as premier cool. However, the cool, antiseptic effect doesn’t last on the skin as much as premier cool does. All the same, its okay. I’ve been using the soap for a fortnight now, and I’m on to my second pack, no negative effects, which is very good. I have a super sensitive skin that doesn’t take rubbish, but so far, it hasn’t complained at all, so I suppose the soap is safe for use, for the soft-skinned people.

As for the scent, just like the color, packaging and even the size, the soap is similar to premier cool if you’re talking aroma. But that of premier cool is stronger and lasts longer. But the cool thing about this ‘No1 family soap’ is that its more economical than premier cool. Atleast it lathers well, and you don’t need to use so much soap at a time.


No1 Family soap is available in different types, there is the orange splash, Lemon Burst, Medicated Soap Extra cool, and Royal cream. So far I’ve used just two, the Orange blast (on just two ocassions) and the Extra cool for a several days. The Orange blast is a quality product, smells fresh but doesn’t have that tingling cool sensation with it.

Manufacturer’s details

The product is manufactured by a company which coincidentally is not a new name in Nigeria. JAGAL is a household name that also produces another soap I love- Tetmosol. Endorsed by NAFDAC with the Reg no: 02-9107, the product comes in different packs and colors according to type, but all weigh the same 70g.

Availability and Pricing

No 1 Family soap should be available around Nigeria, but its  buoyed by the current campaign for Nigerian-made stuff. But I hope it gets across all the states soon, the soap is of good quality and worthy of patronage. It shouldn’t cost more than N120, depending on your location.

Similar products:

I said it before, No1 medicated soap, extra cool variety is similar to Premier cool in both outlook and effect. But generally, products like Lux, Joy, tetmosol, delta and dettol all belong to the same family with this new guy.





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